Booby Trap: Tongue Tie

Booby Trap: Docs Who Won’t Snip Tongue-Tie, Thousands of Breastfeeding Moms & Babies Suffer

”Every child deserves to have the pleasure of breastfeeding successfully, and every child deserves the pleasure of licking an ice-cream cone, both of which are aided by this procedure.”


The preceding is from an excellent article detailing what the dangers of tongue tie are, and what parents can do about it. As an IBCLC, I have extended training in detecting tongue ties that go beyond even the obvious. So many breastfeeding problems including failure to thrive, and moms with extreme soreness have been resolved with either a quick snip of the scissors, or the advanced care of someone trained to deal with posterior tongue tie. If you think your baby might be tongue tied and you can’t get anyone to listen to you, keep going until you are heard! It’s important!!

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