Can I Help You? Please?

Please, let me make a difference.

Reward my hard work with a listening ear. See my passion for what it is – genuine care for you and your baby. I’m not crazy, or fanatical. I just believe in a way to give birth that veers from society’s norm, but is a path that is as old as time itself. When my eyes light up when I find out you’re pregnant, and I ask your birth plans, it’s not because I’m looking for business. More than wanting clients, I want more success stories! I want you, my dear friends and acquaintances, to be successful. I don’t ask your birth plans to make you feel inferior. I don’t make little suggestions or ask questions to test you. I do it because I care.

If I give you a book, will you read it?

If I suggest an article, or make a comment about a new study I read, will you consider it?

If I look like I want to cry at the story of your planned, medically unnecessary c-section, can you please forgive me?

If you tell me everything you think I want to hear, but then go do the exact opposite of what you say, can you please, please not expect me to act joyful and OK?

If I suggest you allow your baby to come in his own time, do you understand that I do it because I want to help you ensure that your body and baby are ready and you won’t end up with an unnecessary c-section?

If I probe about a fully natural delivery without epidural, do you know I am not sadistic and wanting you to have pain, but wanting you to have few complications and a successful breastfeeding relationship afterwards?

If you’re a Christian, could you consider for even a moment that God designed you to give birth, and that you are not broken?

If you’re not a Christian, could you consider that God designed you to give birth, and that you are not broken?

Lastly, can you forgive me for making this personal? This path I am on as a midwife is not about me, it’s about babies and mommies. It’s about your future health. I just can’t help but be sad at times, when I see those I care about completely disregarding everything I stand for. I have some dreams that are dying painful deaths.

Can I help you? Please?

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