Dream With Me!

Today a friend posted this on his facebook status –

In a phone conversation with a friend of mine this morning we were discussing a project and something he said caught my attention, “Dream with me about this!” I was encouraged by that statement, so full of passion and enthusiasm, in that we should always be dreaming of doing great things for God. People, including myself, are often afraid to dream, and to dream big, and it was truly refreshing to be asked to dream!

It resonated in my mind all day…dream with me. I cradled a newborn baby….dream with me. I made a phone call….dream with me. I read out of my book….dream with me. I saw couples newly pregnant walk through the door….dream with me. I looked out on the beautiful snowcapped mountains…dream with me. I shared side-splitting laughter with my midwife friend….dream with me. I peeked into empty birthing rooms, checking their readiness…dream with me. I looked at my calendar of events for the year….dream with me.

Dream with me….

What are you dreaming of? What is lying dormant even now in your mind? What ideas did you put aside a long time ago, labeling them “Impossible”, “Improbable”, “Unlikely”, “Unbelievable”, “Too Big”, or, “People would only laugh”? What is dancing on the fringes of your awareness, making you smile and look out into the distance with a look of wonder and curiosity on your face?

Dream with me…

I dream of people knowing. I dream of more babies being born into the hands of their mama, daddy, or beloved midwife in the comfort and safety of their own homes. I dream of making a difference to more lives than I did last year. I dream of educating myself even further, getting more certifications that will help me become a better, more rounded midwife. I dream of loving people so thoroughly that it is God they see, and not me. I dream of knowing God deeper, truer, sweeter than I did last year. I dream of having a prayer life that knows no bounds, only faith in a God who answers, and dares us to ask. I dream of things that are even now only coming into focus. I dream of waking up every day with another dream on my heart.

Tell me your dreams so that I may dream with you, and rejoice when a thought or an inspiration becomes real in your life.

Come. Dream with me….

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