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Mama thanked me profusely this morning for helping her achieve her cherished out-of-hospital birth, which included phone calls and encouragement all thru the night , then qualified it with, “I know it’s your job, but…” It gives me so much pleasure to say with certainty, “It’s not just my job, it’s my joy!” So blessed to know what I’m called to do, and then to actually do it! Welcome baby girl!! ¬† ¬†October 19, 2012

Facebook question: When I say midwife, you say….

Who was that masked midwife?….Woman’s voice when she cannot speak….Baby whisperer….Javadivas….Guardian at the gate….Truly personalized care….Whole person care….Breadth of knowledge….Dream builder….Chain breaker….Patient watcher…..Intimately in tune….Completely calm….Panic squasher….Believer and achiever….Faithful servant and friend….Healing hands….Personal care giver, cheerleader, friend….Warmth. Love. Protect. Nurture. Serve….Awesome….Intuitive watchwoman….Loving…Comfort….SUPER HERO!!! The best kind of all – they really do look out for the little guys [& gals]!

What reasons led you to choose a midwife?

I wanted to give Birth, I didn’t want to have a c-section, or have “help” – interventions. As a woman I needed to know that I can do it. Plus I didn’t want to have to fight medical staff for not wanting to vaccinate my baby with hepatitis vaccine and vit.K shot. Water birth was very important as well. ~ Yevgenia O.

With my first baby my OB “let me” push for ten whole minutes before she cut an episiotomy and pulled my baby out with forceps. So great to be cared for [by a midwife] this time around. ~ Kimberly M.

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After having my first in a hospital like everyone said I should, even though it was a fast labor, they still did things to me I neither needed nor wanted – pitocin, bed-bound, enema, episiotomy. I vowed the next time would be different, and it was wonderful! Had the easiest birth at home! I wanted all women to know it could be that good, instead of something one endures, like torture…so I decided to become a midwife. ~ Cathi C.


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After having 2 hospital births I wanted to have my third child all natural. In the hospital the nurses had no idea how to help me work through the contractions… I didn’t want to hear, “do you want an epidural now? How about now?” I also did not want an IV that would restrict me to my bed and my midwife was all for letting me labor as I saw fit. I am so pleased with how my labor went with having a midwife who calmly helped me birth my third child. So thankful for no medical interventions. ~ Channyn M.


Honestly, because my grandmother told me that midwives and birth centers were certainly NOT the way to go. I was quite rebellious! (and still am!) ~ April H.


I was a 1st time mother and I knew I was venturing into unknown territory, so I felt having a midwife would give me a 100% worry free delivery. Turns out, I was right. I had way more confidence in my midwife, that she would take care of me and make sure my needs were met, than a staff of strangers and my wonderful OB. Yes, he was wonderful, and if I ever need surgery, I am certain I will be calling on his skill, but I won’t be needing him for doing something as natural as bringing life into the world. ~ Melissa D.


Wanting continuous labor support, instead of whoever is on shift. Wanting one-on-one labor support, instead of L&D staff who have many moms to tend to simultaneously. Wanting an intact perineum instead of the tear I received the previous time. I got everything I hoped for when I hired you and the other midwives on my team. ~ Sarah D.

First-time mom here… It was partially philosophical for us, choosing a midwife. Babies aren’t diseases, and pregnancy isn’t illness. There just isn’t a need for all the resources of St. So-and-so’s Hospital for a simple birth. I love that midwives *specialize* in birth, whereas mainstream care providers are generalists in their field. I wasn’t interested in being badgered by nurses, etc. about “do you want pain meds now? what about now? you’re going to change your mind. do you want meds now? are you sure?” And it sure doesn’t hurt that midwives tend to have friendlier financial policies. ~ Bonni R.


I wanted personalized care, I didn’t want to feel like a number or be rushed in and out of an OB’s office…I loved my midwife (still do) and loved the care I received…I chose to be proactive, and have a positive experience with pregnancy. That starts with having a doctor or midwife that respects me as a loving and knowledgeable mother. I couldn’t find a doctor who fit that role, so I found a wonderful midwife!…I wanted support the whole time in the hospital…I believe the midwives are more available and also more aware of the process of labor in a more whole-picture sort of way…Less restriction, more control for me with midwife in support and catch role. ~ Miscellaneous