I Am A Midwife!

Today, I was told that I am not a midwife.

That I, licensed practitioner that I am, have ripped that title away from those who are, by choice or circumstance, themselves unlicensed.

“You are not a midwife.”

I was told that the sweaty brows I wipe, or the hands I hold, or the personalized care I give means nothing.

“You are not a midwife.”

I was told that the moment I quit working in a state that did not offer any kind of regulations or freedoms, and began practicing in a state that did, then my title was no longer valid.

“You are not a midwife.”

It doesn’t matter how much I love my work, how much good I do, or whether I actually do stand up for a woman’s right to birth where, when, and how she chooses.

“You are not a midwife.”

I beg to differ. I was born with this passion inside me. My love for babies, pregnancy, the hurting…the compassion that God has so graciously instilled in my soul. I hold hands. I sleep on the floor beside the mother long in labor, that needs her midwife nearby. I hold her when her heart breaks over a tragic life situation. I speak love and hope into fearful moments. I sacrifice, giving of myself to my own detriment, because she needs me more than I need to be cared for.

My state or place of practice does not change who I am. I have not sold out, nor do I demean those who have actively chosen to remain unregulated. Yes, I have some hoops to jump through that I didn’t before…some different levels of accountability. But I also have more accessible care for my precious clients. I can give them the standard of care that they deserve, and that I was without for so many years.

How dare someone take away my birthright? How dare someone decide that I am not a midwife because of my affiliations? I had the honor of training with, and working alongside of, Traditional Midwives, Direct Entry Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, and Certified Nurse Midwives. Those women helped make me who I am today, and I am so very grateful.

No, I will not allow that to be taken away from me.

I am with woman…

…I am a Midwife!


*While the original article was written with a focus on the Canadian health system and all the changes that have happened there, this is an attitude that is sadly prevalent in our American midwifery system. There is much in-fighting and belittling of those that have chosen another path, whether it is one of licensure or not.

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