Insurance Billing

Joy In Birth Midwifery is not contracted with any insurance carriers as an in-network provider. Some PPO and POS insurance plans will cover midwifery and home birth care at an out-of-network rate, although some will approve an “in-network gap exception.” Rarely an EPO or HMO will agree to cover the care as well. ¬†You can contact your insurance provider’s Verification of Benefits department to find out if they cover midwifery services with a Licensed or Certified Professional Midwife.

Joy In Birth Midwifery contracts with Doyle Billing, an insurance billing company that specializes in filing and pursuing insurance claims. They help take the trouble out of a sometimes tedious process! For a small $20 fee, clients can request that Doyle Billing contact the VOB department for them, and research what kind of coverage the insurance provider will allow.  Although the amount of reimbursement cannot be guaranteed or predetermined, Doyle Billing will put their experience and expertise into helping each client receive the most reimbursement possible.

We are not MediCal providers, although most lab tests are covered by MediCal. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) do allow for midwifery services as an eligible expense.

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