Kitty Milk Bank?

Kitty ExcalipurrMy next challenge in kitty midwifery (should that be Midkittery?) is the fact that I have a runt on my hands. Yesterday he seemed fiesty enough, but as the day has gone on, every time I checked on him he has grown weaker and colder. Of course he is conserving his energy and resources. I help him try to nurse and he doesn’t have the strength to continue. So, with great hesitancy, this midwife went to the store and bought kitty formula. I will admit that alternatives ran through my mind, right down to wondering, is it possible to milk a cat??

Now-named “Excalibur” ate a tiny bit out of a syringe earlier, while I thought about nipple confusion, messing up his sense of smell, and even held him fur-to-skin to try to warm his cold little body up and make him feel safe.

This post is on the light side, but today’s events made me think again about the importance of doing things the natural way, how God’s design and provision is just right. I have the same thoughts for the human babies I have the privilege of knowing. Worries about nipple confusion, lack of bonding, and less-than-premium nutrition are at the front of every conversation about infant feeding.

Right now Excalibur is tucked inside my shirt, having just eaten a little more (even trying to latch on to the syringe!), and warming up a bit sandwiched between me and a hot water bottle before returning to his litter mates. Where there is life, there is hope! In the meantime, does anyone know of a kitty milk bank?

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