Whole Woman Care

Precious midwife friend and her dear husband

Midwifery is about more than providing care for the cycles of pregnancy and birth in a woman’s life. We provide a holistic overview of the entire reproductive cycle, from adolescence to menopause.

Well Woman Care

We offer well woman care, which includes pap tests, pelvic exams, breast exams, and other tests, including STI screening. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home. We take into account each woman’s needs and situation, providing safe, sensitive, personal care, knowing that checkups are not the most favorite part of any woman’s healthcare! Patient education is always a component of midwifery care, and we will offer instruction in breast self-exam, safe sex practices, and counseling to promote health and prevent disease as indicated by your history and physical exam.


Preconception and Contraceptive Counseling

Preconception counseling involves a visit to assess and advise women on how to achieve optimum health before pregnancy. This visit could include a physical exam and blood work, as well as discussion of lifestyle choices, nutrition, supplement needs, and exercise in order to optimize your chances for conception. We do not prescribe birth control pills or other contraceptives but we are happy to refer you to a practitioner in your area.